Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ladies, Women, Girls.

I often find potential journals (old books) with images of women on them. I find it interesting that they tend to sell quite well. Often to other women! In fact the journals that sell the best have people or animals on them.

Take Polly for instance. This book is called 'Polly, A New-Fashioned Girl'
Polly looks Victorian-chic playing racket ball on a hot summer day. This book has an inscription from 1919 in it!

Here is another journal with ladies on the cover...

This time they are on bicycles. These books were only marketed to young women. They served as the chick-lit of the times. They often included complex female relationships, rivalries and romances. Very fluffy stuff for ladies to devour. If only life were that easy.

On that note here is a great old video from 1964.


  1. I love the Polly cover! I often use old illustrations like this for embroidery patterns. So cute!

  2. Thanks Lauren,

    Yeah Polly is such a pretty old book. Hard to imagine that its so old! I love when I find books with inscriptions on the inside!